Monday, March 22, 2010

leak    /lik/


an unintended hole, crack, or the like, through which liquid, gas, light, etc., enters or escapes: a leak in the roof.
2. any means of unintended entrance or escape.
a disclosure of secret, esp. official, information, as to the news media, by an unnamed source.

jump, via my flickr xjoiedevivrex.

the twelves: works for me
I've started a photo journal here:!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

fringe -noun   [frinj]


[frinj] noun, verb,fringed, fring·ing.
a decorative border of thread, cord, or the like, usually hanging loosely from a raveled edge or separate strip.

Spotted @ the Barking Frog
Gah, out of focus and I accidentally cut off her purse which was so adorable

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Os·car   [os-ker]


one of a group of statuettes awarded annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for achievements in motion-picture production and performance.

It's Oscar Season!
And with the Academy Awards around the corner, and a selection of 2010 runways to choose from, it made me wonder; if I were lucky enough to go to the Oscars this year what would I wear? I got to thinking, something like a a colourful and youthful grecian gown just seemed too obvious, so why not go the other route?

So after looking through's runway gallery, I decided on a few dresses.

from left: Elie Saab, Stella Mcartney, Monique Lhuillier

both Elie Saab Spring '10 couture (these 2 are my favourites)
I think wearing a beautiful nude or gold gown would be well suited to the 2010 red carpet; and a subtle but striking choice if I were a newcomer to the awards. (/would look ballin' with my skin tone)

Otherwise, I'd wear something bold and well-detailed. Like these:

Elie Saab RTW, a dress I found online which was actually made of paper aha, and Versace
spring '10

Oh, to really walk the red carpet! Never say never.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

bright -adj [brahyt]


[brahyt] adjective
radiating or reflecting light; luminous; shining: The bright coins shone in the gloom.
filled with light: The room was bright with sunshine.
vivid or brilliant: a bright red dress; bright passages of prose.

I'm really looking forward to a bit of warmer weather; the days are getting beautifully long again

dress: mom's from (mid?) 80s; so floral and gorgeous

And I've been posting at Premier Production's Blog again. Here's a little post introducing my street photography. There's links there linking back to my older posts