Sunday, June 13, 2010

oth·er   [uhth-er] –adjective


additional or further: heand one other person.
different or distinct fromthe one mentioned or implied: insome other city; Some other design may be better.
the other one: Each praises the other.

i have your picture. i haven't posted it
you took my picture. i haven't posted that.
my iphoto is exploding and my mac is hissing and hating me for filling it up with pictures that aren't my own.
I've just been staring at other people's work for a month instead of posting my own stuff.
i'm bad
so i thought, if i'm not sharing my photos yet, i might as well share theirs:
Like the incredibly street-chic Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast:
Her jewelry!

Rings are the new thing. Value Value Village Y'all.