Tuesday, February 9, 2010

leg⋅ging -noun [leg-ing]


1.leggings, (used with a plural verb)
a.close-fitting knit pants.
b.the pants of a two-piece snowsuit.

I am a legging aficionado, they're practical, fashionable and so damn comfy.
So when I saw these from american apparel, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a pair ever since i first laid eyes on these Chanel ones. I'd literally searched high and low, and couldn't seem to find any outside of europe. So I waited for a good pair from AA. They're great, super comfortable and aren't as delicate as the urban outfitters ones. I wore them with the AA lace print dress recently. (Are we seeing a pattern? I wear too much american apparel)
The look is also featured on the American Apparel store website! Here & Here, scroll down to seen and submitted and there I am! :)

leggings, dress: AA
song: kid cudi+MGMT&Ratatat: Pursuit of Happiness


Kayla Paige said...

leggings yes!
that dress double yes!
AA triple yes! i just wish they went larger in the swim suit tops...but thats just me and one small/big thing. ;D

nice outfit/post. you should so model for them.

Trop Rouge said...

beautiful i just love it.

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