Thursday, September 17, 2009


Lindsay Lohan.
There is something about her that I have always loved.
Even when she looks like a crazy wacked out redhead/blond/brunette I think I will still always love her.
It probably has something to do with The Parent Trap and Disney's influence on my childhood.
Regardless, she has 1st dibbs on all the créme de la créme of the fashion world & sits front row at fashion week. In between bouts of crazy and fights with Saman, she manages to look half cute/enticing hipstery which I always find charming.
Don't judge me. There are times that make it hard for me to love her, but she still has a special corner of my heart which she undoubtedly uses to sleep off her weekend benders and stash her coke, but I don't care. Lindsay is Lindsay and she will always be as far as I'm concerned; fabulous.


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