Thursday, January 12, 2012

essential -noun es·sen·tial

essentialsplural of es·sen·tial (Noun)

  1. Something absolutely necessary.
  2. The fundamental elements or characteristics of something.

In 2011 I happily found a few beauty essentials that I find I use nearly every day. Here's part one of my essentials series

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beige

This is a highlighting powder that I use on the face as it gives a lovely, darling glow. Someone suggested using it on the eyes as well and it looks gorgeous! I take one sweep through all the colours and use my finger to apply it all over the lid. Super quick, super luminous. Bam.

Eyelash curler

I need an eyelash curler in my beauty repertoire. No questions. My eyelashes like to stick straight out and this works a treat.

Maybeline the Falsies Mascara

Initially I absolutely HATED this mascara. It was too wet and just clumped my lashes together. I was so disappointed and miffed at Maybeline for making a such a terrible mascara. However. I let it sit for aout 2 months, periodically opening and closing it to look at the weird scoopy brush in disgust.
But after all that time I tried it again, and it was AMAZING. It's probably the perfect mascara. I guess the secret is to let it dry out a bit.
It gives length, curl, and definition all in one and rarely smudges or flakes. It's so lovely. Very comparable to Lancome's doll lashes (which I adore but it keeps smudging on me).


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