Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Polaroid -noun [poh-luh-roid]


1.a brand of material for producing polarized light from unpolarized light by dichroism, consisting typically of a stretched sheet of colorless plastic treated with an iodine solution so as to have long, thin, parallel chains of polymeric molecules containing conductive iodine atoms. It is used widely in optical and lighting devices to reduce glare.
2.Also called Polaroid Camera, Polaroid Land Camera. the first brand of instant camera, developed by Edwin H. Land and marketed since 1948.

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful
Fashion Week DELIGHT! I need to get me some film. I wonder if these are real polaroids or not, they look like expired film. (Seeing as polaroid film/cameras are no longer in production*) I would love to wander around following models with my camera. It's on my list
*see the impossible project for more polaroid love!
photography: Jeremy Kost


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