Friday, December 11, 2009

na·ked -adj. (nā'kĭd)

na·ked (nā'kĭd)
  1. Having no clothing on the body; nude.

  2. Having no covering, especially the usual one: a naked sword.

Dearest Lindsay,
So, we see you're getting some work. That's nice.

Clearly you one of the first to get a copy of the issue, and attempted to destroy it before anyone else saw it. Good effort. But in future, folding paper over and over will not make it disappear no matter how tiny the square gets. I will assume that you agreed to this the morning after a night of heavy binge drinking and simply didn't have the energy to resist after which, you saw the composites and promptly set them on fire.
It's not a bad shoot, but the overt sexuality is a little tried. We've seen it all before dear. Let's make like Brittney and reinvent (skip past the shaving of the head s.v.p) You'll thank me.


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